Travel Programs

At Rivers, we acknowledge that our student’s education is enriched and transformed by interdisciplinary, hands-on global learning experiences that happen beyond the classroom. Travel programs at Rivers enliven the learning experience by making connections between the classroom, the field, or the stage and the world. They ignite enthusiasm for learning and help focus students’ interests, talents, and passions. Travel programs both enhance our students’ relationships with mentors and peers while broadening their vision of our diverse world and their role in it. Participation in our programs increases students’ self-awareness, teaches self-reliance, and supports students’ social-emotional development. Our programs build leadership, communication, and community engagement skills for an interconnected world. Students develop a sense of global citizenship as they gain awareness of varying perspectives. They benefit from creating empathy-based connections with people of various backgrounds and cultures. Participation in our programs leads to a greater understanding of the inequalities and differences nationally and abroad.


Learn About Travel Programs

Read past travel blogs written by students and faculty on the immersive global programs offered at Rivers.

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