Student Life

A student’s journey through Rivers is a wandering journey, a journey of self-discovery and exploration. Outside of the classroom, Rivers offers students a wide variety of opportunities to collect new experiences, develop hidden talents, and uncover new passions. Read on to learn more.

Clubs & Activities

In addition to participating in sports at either a competitive or recreational level, students have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of other activities. They can join any number of existing clubs, or take the initiative to create a new club. They can get involved in theater or music, or they can try their hand at writing for the school newspaper or the school cultural magazine. There are lots of choices, and everyone is encouraged to experiment and try new things.

Community Engagement

Rivers strives to graduate students with the skills needed to be engaged global citizens and proactive agents for positive social change. Through our robust community engagement program, students have many opportunities to participate in hands-on work within the local community, while our Center for Community and Civic Engagement develops students’ understanding of civics and civic engagement through the use of curricular programming, outside speakers, and internships.

Off-Campus Trips

As the restrictions placed upon us by the COVID pandemic begin to lift, we look forward to once again offering students the opportunity to participate in off-campus experiences. These can range from simple day trips—such as a class visit to a whaling museum in New Bedford—to summer trips to places like Spain, France, or Montana. Our summer science internship program gives students a chance to work in hospitals and high-tech firms in the Boston area.

Diversity & Inclusivity

Rivers is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive community in which every member—regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or socio-economic background—feels welcome, safe, and respected. Toward that end, Rivers engages students in discussions about bias, prejudice, privilege, and power; offers a curriculum that affirms and represents a broad range of perspectives; and provides students with the opportunity to join affinity groups and participate in various DEI initiatives.

Counseling & Wellness

The services provided by the Counseling & Wellness department at Rivers reflects the school’s relational approach to student development. At Rivers, students are known, valued, and understood. Their health and well-being sit at the core of our educational philosophy. The counseling services and therapeutic treatments it offers are complemented by both mandatory and opt-in wellness programs that help students make healthy decisions and develop the critical life skills needed to manage the stress, anxiety, and other pressures that confront today’s adolescents and young adults.

Dining Services

Each day, The Rivers School dining staff provides our community with exceptional lunches that earn rave reviews from the entire community. Managed by Flik Independent School Dining, our dining services team provides meals that not only are nutritious, but are imaginative and delicious. They employ sustainable dining processes, and even source as many vegetables as possible from the school’s own Freight Farm program.