Middle School Program

The Rivers Middle School brings together enthusiastic, caring teachers and a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere in its goal of educating early adolescents. With generally 120 students in grades 6, 7, and 8, the Middle School offers a personal, integrated, and exciting program, creating a community of learners in which young people feel comfortable taking intellectual risks and growing both as students and individuals.

The core group of Middle School teachers and administrators has spent years working with early adolescents and perfecting a program that best suits the age group. Early adolescents are just discovering how to move from concrete to formal thinking. They begin the middle school years learning through direct contact with ideas, events, and people as they transition into being more formal and creative thinkers able to visualize, conceptualize, hypothesize, reason, and deal in the abstract. Our program is designed to consider the many needs of this age group and is structured in a way to grant students a level of freedom to explore. This type of environment provides students with more opportunities for responsibility so they can be challenged in a rigorous environment while also learning through experience.

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