Created in 2019, The Hall Family Speaker Series brings to our community the thought leaders who are shaping opinion right now: men and women whose research, writing or activism have people talking and thinking in new ways about how to strengthen our democracy. The variety of civic engagement supported by this gift illustrates that there many ways to positively influence public life and inspires students and adults to find their own.

Upcoming Speakers

Monday, April 11, 2022
Yair Rosenberg

Yair Rosenberg is a writer at The Atlantic, where he covers the intersection of politics, culture and religion. His work has also appeared in the New York Times, Washington PostWall Street Journal, and The Guardian, and his writings have received awards from the Religion Newswriters Association and the Harvard Center for Jewish Studies. He has covered everything from national elections in America and Israel, to observant Jews in baseball, to the translation of Harry Potter into Yiddish, and in his spare time, composes original Jewish music and creates bots that troll anti-Semites on Twitter. His latest project, Anti-Semitism, Explained, a Youtube video series tackles the biggest questions about anti-Jewish prejudice.

Past Speakers

October 21, 2021
Dr. Jamil Zaki: On Empathy
A professor of psychology at Stanford University and the director of the Stanford Social Neuroscience Lab. Using tools from psychology and neuroscience, he and his colleagues examine how empathy works and how people can learn to empathize more effectively.

October 3, 2020
Eric Liu: Citizenship and Political Empowerment
Co-founder and CEO of Citizen University, which works to build a culture of powerful and responsible citizenship in the United States.