Impressive Performances Characterize the 2018 Fall Sports Season

Rivers fall student athletes were recognized for their accomplishments during the Athletic Awards Assembly held on Friday morning, December 7. More than 20 athletes earned All-League or All-NEPSAC recognition, and two students received All-State honors.
One athlete, boys’ soccer player Aidan Davock, earned an All-American nomination, while three harriers Stephanie Dailey, Mark Ryan, and Cameron Stathos earned All-New England honors.
The award assembly was the culminating event in a fall season that saw lots of exciting sports action and lots of great team and individual efforts. Special congratulations go out to the field hockey team and the boys’ soccer team, both of which made it into the final NEPSAC play-off games. The field hockey team ended the season with a 15-5 record, and the soccer team ended the season at 12-6-2.

The sixth seeded soccer team ended up losing in the finals to number one seeded Middlesex by a score of 1-0, and the second seeded field hockey team fell to number one seeded Brooks by a score of 3-0. Both games were hard-fought affairs, and both teams exhibited impressive character and determination in making it all the way into the big game.
Also exhibiting impressive character this past year was the much improved football team, which bounced back from a tough, winless season last year to secure three wins this season. It’s a fantastic turnaround that bodes well for the future.

The girls’ volleyball team notched two wins this season, and came close to winning several more, and the girls’ soccer team racked up a 14-4-1 record, earning them the Most Improved Team Award. The girls’ cross-country team racked up a respectable 6-10 record, while the boys’ cross-country team turned in an outstanding performance at the New Englands, taking home a 4th place finish. Both the boys' and girls' cross-country teams won the ISL Cross-Country Coaches Sportsmanship Awards.

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Following is the list of individual honors:

All-American Nominee
Aidan Davock, boys’ soccer

All-New England
Stephanie Dailey, girls’ cross-country
Mark Ryan, boys' cross-country
Cameron Stathos, boys' cross-country

Aidan Davock, boys’ soccer
Michael Webber, boys’ soccer

All-ISL League
Aidan Davock, boys’ soccer
Michael Webber, boys’ soccer
Ethan Lemley, boys’ soccer, Honorable Mention
Jack Morgan, boys’ soccer, Honorable Mention
Julie Gallotto, girls’ soccer
Rylee Glennon, girls’ soccer
Alexa Francesconi, girls’ soccer, Honorable Mention
Caralyn Schmidlein, girls’ soccer, Honorable Mention
Rayha McPherson, girls’ soccer, Honorable Mention
Caroline Grady, field hockey
Julia Hitti, field hockey
Lillian Branka, field hockey
Eleanor Todd, field hockey, Honorable Mention
Leslie Schwartz, field hockey, Honorable Mention
Soobin Lee, field hockey, Honorable Mention
Christopher Bucking, football
Matthew Rish, football
Abraham Dekin, football, Honorable Mention
Andrew Sanderson, football, Honorable Mention
Mason Tuff, football, Honorable Mention
Stephanie Dailey, girls’ cross-country
Margo Lewis, girls’ cross-country, Honorable Mention
Cameron Stathos, boys’ cross-country
Mark Ryan, boys’ cross-country
Mallory Folliard, girls’ volleyball
Mia Folliard, girls’ volleyball, Honorable Mention

All-NEPSAC (Class B)
Aidan Davock, boys’ soccer
Michael Webber, boys’ soccer
Nathan Sherman, boys’ soccer
Aidan Davock, boys’ soccer, Junior All-Star
Michael Webber, boys’ soccer, Senior All-Star
Patrick Dublin, boys’ soccer, Rookie of the Year
Julie Gallotto, girls’ soccer
Rylee Glennon, girls’ soccer, Junior All-Star Game
Caroline Grady, field hockey
Julia Hitti, field hockey
Lillian Branka, field hockey
Eleanor Todd, field hockey, Honorable Mention
Leslie Schwartz, field hockey, Honorable Mention
Mallory Hasselbeck, field hockey, Honorable Mention
Matthew Rish, football

Team Honors
Ethan Lemle, boys’ soccer, 2019 Captain
Michael Webbe, boys’ soccer, 2019 Captain
Michael A. Webber, boys’ soccer, Most Valuable Player
Ethan J. Lemley, boys’ soccer, Achievement Award
Anna Donlan, girls’ soccer, 2019 Captain
Julie Gallotto, girls’ soccer, 2019 Captain
Alexa M. Francesconi, , girls’ soccer,Most Improved Player
Julie A. Gallotto, girls’ soccer, Pioneer Award
Caroline Grady, field hockey, 2019 Captain
Leslie Schwartz, field hockey, 2019 Captain
Caroline M. Grady, field hockey, Red Wing Award
Soobin Lee, field hockey, Achievement Award
Andrew Sanderson, football, 2019 Captain
Matthew Rish, football, 2019 Captain
Patrick Mahoney, football, 2019 Captain
Christopher J. Bucking, football, Coaches Award
Andrew N. Sanderson, football, David W. Flood Memorial Award
Matthew H. Rish, football, Grossman Outstanding Achievement Award
Colette Meier, girls’ cross-country, 2019 Captain
Stephanie Dailey, girls’ cross-country, 2019 Captain
Bethany G. Pasko, girls’ cross-country, Coaches Award
Stephanie M. Dailey, girls’ cross-country, F.E. Allison Award
Mark Ryan, boys’ cross-country, Captain
Xavier Zuvekas, boys’ cross-country, Captain
Mark M. Ryan, boys’ cross-country, F.E Allison Memorial Award
Xavier L. Zuvekas, boys’ cross-country, F.E Allison Memorial Award
Cameron C. Stathos, boys’ cross-country, Coaches Award
Audrey Connelly, girls’ volleyball, 2019 Captain
Evelyn Thomajan, girls’ volleyball, 2019 Captain
Mallory Folliard, girls’ volleyball, 2019 Captain
Shaylagh M. Pipe, girls’ volleyball, Most Improved Player
Logan Ngai, girls’ volleyball, Unsung Hero
Tayja J. Sallie, girls’ volleyball, Grit Award