Artists and Writers Win Big at Scholastics

The results are in for this year’s Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and there’s lots of good news to share with Rivers students winning 37 awards overall. No matter how you look at the numbers, they’re impressive. There were 6 Gold Keys, 13 Silver Keys and 18 Honorable Mentions in all, with 32 awards in art and 5 awards for writing. Five students received multiple awards, with one student, Isabel Hardy ’18 receiving Silver Keys in both categories, for photography and poetry. Joelle Mentis ’18 received an honorable Mention for her entire art portfolio—a first for a Rivers student. Eleven recipients were Middle Schoolers and 21 were Upper Schoolers.
“All of Rivers’ arts faculty members had at least one student recognized, and all of the art disciplines Rivers offers were represented,” said Chair of the Visual Arts Department David Saul.  “The fact that both Middle and Upper School students were acknowledged shows the depth and breadth of our program.  We believe that all students can cultivate and articulate a creative vision in the supportive environment of our art studios.”
The five Gold Key recipients were:
Lisa Byrne ’19, Printmaking, “Window to the Soul”
Gianny Cepeda ’18, Photography, “Youthful Determination”
Matt Cronin ’19, Printmaking, “Grand Teton”
Meghan Kerfoot ’22, Photography, “Reflections”
Grant Regan-Loomis ’22, Photography, “Cobweb”
Twelve Silver Keys were awarded to:
Caroline Butter ’22, Photography, “Henna Hands”
Caroline Butter ’22, Photography, “Glimpses”
Jordyn Connors ’19, Photography, “Periscope”
Madelyn Cornetta ’19, Ceramics and Glass, “Waves”
Matt Cronin ’19, Printmaking, “Self-Portrait”
Isabel Hardy ’18, Photography, “Nature’s Frame”
Colette Meier ’19, Printmaking “Sins of the Flesh”
Joelle Mentis ’18, Painting, “Sarah”
Anna Monaghan ’22, Photography, “Shifts and Swirls”
George Reinhardt ’20, Photography, “The Sage”
Hunter Taylor-Black ’19, Photography, “Grandma’s Smile”
Vanessa Xue ’23, Drawing and Illustration, “Moon Gazing”
Honorable Mention went to 15 recipients:
Lindsay Bogar ’18, Photography, “Latent Presence”
Oliver Carswell ’22, Photography, “Crash Landing”
Eliza Churchill ’22, Photography, “Dented”
Georgia Freeland ’18, Photography, “Circuitous”
Caroline Grady ’19, Sculpture, “Time Flies”
Charlotte Greer ’22, Photography, “Fenced In”
Haley Hatten ’22, Photography, “No Violence”
Griffin Jones ’22, Photography, “Heaven and Hell”
Pat Lawn ’20, Ceramics and Glass, “Sky”
Hannah Long ’21, Drawing and Illustration, “In a Sentimental Mood Reproduction”
Thomas McShane ’22, Photography, “Fire Water”
Joelle Mentis’18, Art Portfolio, “Portrait Dialogues”
Grant Regan-Loomis ’22, Photography, “Serenity”
Zachary Sarrett ’19, Photography, “Fluid Repetition”
Philip Tresca ’20, Sculpture, “Arrowhead”
In the Writing category, there was one Gold Key, one Silver Key, and three Honorable mentions:
Ashley Burgarella ’18, Gold Key, Short Story, “Biography of Rosemary”
Isabel Hardy ’18, Silver Key, Poetry, “Rhythm”
Apsara Balamurugan ’20, HM, Short Story, “That Latte at Linden”
Bethany Pasko ’19, HM, Poetry, “Omitting Obeisance”
Sara Stephenson ’18, HM, Poetry, “Mothers and Daughters”
"We are incredibly proud of these students for earning Scholastic honors this year,” said Mac Caplan, Chair of the English Department. “Like many of their peers, these five work extremely hard at the craft of writing, both in the context of their English classes and outside of class on their own time, and it's wonderful to have their writing recognized beyond our campus."
The 2018 Massachusetts Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Gold Key exhibition will be held at Breed Hall, Tufts University, 51 Winthrop Street, Medford from March 17 through March 25. There will also be a series of ceremonies for Gold and Silver Key recipients on March 17 at Cohen Auditorium at the Aidekman Art Center at Tufts.
Click here for a full gallery of the award-winning artwork.