Revers Center, Holiday Tournament Make for a Festive Celebration

Rivers kicked off the winter break in singular style, with campus-wide events on Thursday that kept the community in merry and bright spirits from morning till evening. It was a day to celebrate our school and all it has achieved—and to look forward to future accomplishments.
After an early-morning meeting, faculty and staff were treated to their first view of The Revers Center for Science and Visual Arts. The occupancy permit had been signed in the nick of time, and the doors were flung open to welcome the first of a day-long stream of visitors. From the living wall of plants near the entrance to the robotics and fabrication labs to the floating staircase to the state-of-the-art studios and classrooms, the building offers facilities that will enhance teaching, learning, and creating at Rivers. Teachers were wowed by the bright, airy space and the pedagogical potential offered by the new classrooms, labs, and equipment.

At 10:00 a.m., it was time for the Middle School students to be wowed in turn. At a ribbon-cutting ceremony just for grades six through eight, Head of School Ned Parsons told students that, though they won’t be using the building just yet—it is designated for the Upper School—the years would fly by and they’d find themselves in ninth grade soon enough. Students were sent off to explore, with admonishments to treat the new building with respect and try to avoid leaving fingerprints on its many windows and glass surfaces.

A few hours later, the Upper School crowded into the lobby for its own ribbon-cutting ceremony. Parsons lauded the current senior class for being the first group of graduates to enjoy and utilize The Rev. He urged the students to take the time to explore the new facility, and he commented on the staircase that seems to defy gravity. “How is the staircase possible?” said Parsons, adding that the answer lies in the laws of physics. “You’ll figure it out,” he told the students.

The ribbon was cut, a cheer went up, and the students surged into the new space. Snacking on mini cupcakes, they explored the building, settling into the comfortable chairs in one of the seating areas, tossing bean bags in an impromptu game of cornhole, and rapidly making the space their own. Click here for a gallery of photos from The Revers Center opening. 

A brief lull preceded the day’s next event: The kickoff of the 50th annual Rivers Holiday Basketball Tournament. This longstanding tourney brings back alumni young and old to cheer for both boys’ and girls’ teams as they take on several area independent schools. For this 50th edition of the cherished tradition, a special reception was held for alumni, and a center-court ceremony recognized past players from several decades and Nick Marinaro, the former Rivers coach who founded the tournament. That ceremony was sandwiched between the girls’ 58-28 victory over Northfield Mount Hermon and the boys’ 74-50 victory over Dexter. The tournament was scheduled to continue on Friday and Saturday. Click here for a gallery of photos from the tournament. 

Concurrent with the two games was a community open house at The Revers Center, allowing parents, alumni, and friends of Rivers to tour the new building. Like the students and faculty earlier in the day, these community members were impressed and delighted by the facility and the potential it holds. After touring the new science rooms, Rachel Haims P’25 noted that, as a doctor, she has spent countless hours in labs, but has never seen any quite like the ones in The Rev. “It’s hard for a lab not to feel cold and sterile, but these are warm and inviting,” she said. She praised the entire building for its openness, lightness, and “community feel,” and—echoing the sentiments of many—she added, “What’s not to like?”