• May

    Chrismary Gonzalez '18 came to campus Tuesday as part of the Alum Speaker Series.

    Alum Speaker Chrismary Gonzalez ’18: Following Her Passion

    Chrismary Gonzalez ’18 says she cultivated a certain reputation at Rivers. “I was known as the person who was always going to say something”—something about racism, social justice, identity, or other issues that are often ignored or side-stepped. Today, in Gonzalez’s role as assistant director of intake for the equity department of Boston Public Schools, addressing thorny and fraught issues is all in a day’s work.
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  • March

    Evan Coleman '05 walked students through an employment case as part of his presentation.

    Evan Coleman ’05: Merging Law and Public Service

    Evan Coleman ’05 says he was so quiet and shy while at Rivers that his yearbook superlative jokingly suggested that he’d be most likely to become a motivational speaker. So, he told a group of students and professional community members in a Revers classroom on Tuesday, there was a bit of irony in finding himself back on campus in something like that very role.
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  • February

    Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

    Frederick Wiseman ’47 Ventures into Culinary Arts with New Film

    Acclaimed documentarian Frederick Wiseman ’47 has been making films for over 50 years, and was once hailed by the New York Times as “One of the most important and original filmmakers working today.” This month, he adds a new film to his portfolio—the French-made documentary Menus-Plaisirs—Les Troisgros, following in depth three restaurants that are owned by the same family. 
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  • Tera Kull '03 spoke at an Alum Speaker Series event on Tuesday.

    Alum Speaker Series: Tera Kull ’03 Helps Support Pediatric Cancer Patients and Their Families

    Tera Kull ’03 is no stranger to the lemonade-from-lemons process. Kull, who has a long track record of turning challenges into opportunities, shared her story on Tuesday, February 6, at this year’s inaugural Alum Speaker Series event. The lunchtime event showcases the efforts and accomplishments of Rivers graduates who are actively engaged in their communities and working to uplift social justice values.
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  • January

    Brad Belin '03 returned to campus last spring to receive the Young Alumni Achievement Award.

    Brad Belin ’03: The Accidental Educator

    No one seems more surprised about Brad Belin ’03’s career trajectory than Belin himself. Looking back on his years at Rivers, Belin—the most recent recipient of the school’s Young Alumni Achievement Award—says, “I wasn’t a model student or necessarily someone who thought of school as a place for education. School was a convenient place to play sports and hang out with friends.”
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