Embedding community engagement in the curriculum encourages the development and practice of cultural competency skills, and a broader understanding of our social issues, the root causes, and the systems that affect these issues. Being in the community and developing relationships and seeing firsthand the work of nonprofits informs classroom learning.

6th grade humanities students teach to raise awareness of water issues in their communities; sixth grade math prepares and serves meals at the Open Door after calculating the amount of food their nutritious meals will require, preparing a budget, and writing a grant proposal to offset costs; 6th graders work in the Freight Farm and run a farmer’s market in the spring to raise funds for outreach in the middle school.
7th grade humanities focuses on the power of story and cultural perspective; students learn to research, understand and communicate perspectives and tell stories to make a point; they study and create media literacy to further hone skills of communication. They also volunteer at Lands Sake or the Natick Community Organic Farm when studying agricultural practices.
8th grade humanities focuses on systems of justice and injustice; students carry out research and action plans on topics they find compelling
Middle School chorus and ensembles (6-8) rehearse and perform concerts at elder care facilities in the area.

Middle School French classes (7-8) host a French café to and donate their funds to a charity that they research and select.

10th grade year-long focus on community engagement 
• Participate in off campus community placements during orientation
• Plan and run a Special Olympics regional basketball tournament in January                
• Participate in
Sages and Seekers, where students and elders work together in writing and storytelling through the English curriculum, culminating with a luncheon and  intergenerational food packaging project

11th and 12th grades Community Engagement opportunities are part of science, language and interdisciplinary classes. Speak Chinese with elders, conduct health surveys, assist with teaching English in ELL program, intern in non profits