Congratulations to Our Seniors!

Welcome to the Graduation Page for the Class of 2021. This is where we will be posting information about all the end-of-year events that have been planned to celebrate the impending graduation of this year's senior class. From time to time, we will also be posting other fun content here--photo galleries, videos, and more--so we encourage both seniors and parents to check back here regularly to see what's new. 
We are excited that COVID seems to be becoming less of a concern, thanks to the roll out of the vaccines, but we all know that a surge in positive cases is always a possibility and that changes to plans may have to be made. If that happens, this is where we will post any updated information. To help minimize that possibility, we ask all our seniors and their families to continue practicing masking and social distancing, both on campus and off. We would hate for any of our seniors to miss out on the final events of their senior year.​

Loved the Musical? Watch it Again!

If you missed the Upper School musical "Bring Back the Broadway Lights," or simply want to watch it again because you loved it so much, you can find it available for on-demand viewing on this web page​. And don't forget to leave a note  for the cast and crew in the Padet at the bottom of the page!


May 8-10: Photographer on campus for family pictures

May 12: Senior Parent “Coffee” on Transition
Click here for livestream

May 17: Seniors’ Playwriting Class Performances
May 18: College Transition Programming (M)
May 18: Senior Music Celebration (P)
Click here for livestream

• May 19: Beach Trip (rain date: 5/26) (M)
• May 20: Senior Art Gallery - Student Reception
• May 20: BBQ & Mindreader (M)
• May 21: Final All-School Assembly (M)(F)(V)
• May 21: Senior Coffeehouse
• May 23: Senior Formal (F)
• May 24: Movie Night on the Turf
• May 27: Senior-Alumni Breakfast (M)(F)
• May 27: Graduation Rehearsal (M)
• May 27: Prize Day Ceremony (V)
Click here for livestream

• May 28: Senior Banquet (M)(P)


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