Envisioning the Future

In September of 2015 the Board of Trustees approved a new Strategic Plan to guide The Rivers School into the future. The Plan reflects the collaborative efforts of the entire Rivers community and the aspirations of that community for our great school.

With this Strategic Plan, we intend to celebrate our legacy of powerful student-teacher relationships by generating new opportunities for those relationships to take hold. We will honor the innovation and creativity of the faculty and their nimble and entrepreneurial approaches to optimizing the learning experience for our students in a diverse and multicultural environment. We will support curricular and extracurricular programming that will engage our students directly with the world while preparing them for leadership in it.

In moving the Strategic Plan forward, we will plan academic, arts, and athletic spaces that properly match and support the excellence of our programs and the powerful teaching that characterizes Rivers, even as the spaces encourage forward-thinking pedagogy to help our students gain and practice new exploratory skills.

We hope you will share our excitement for The Rivers School Strategic Plan and that you will join us as we begin to implement that plan. This is an exciting time in our history, and an opportunity to engage the entire Rivers community in building the future for this remarkable school.