Frederick Wiseman ’47 Ventures into Culinary Arts with New Film

Acclaimed documentarian Frederick Wiseman ’47 has been making films for over 50 years, and was once hailed by the New York Times as “One of the most important and original filmmakers working today.” This month, he adds a new film to his portfolio—the French-made documentary Menus-Plaisirs—Les Troisgros, following in depth three restaurants that are owned by the same family. 

Wiseman’s films are rarely short affairs, and Menus-Plaisirs is no exception, clocking in at four hours. However, lovers of culinary arts will certainly find a feast, for the eyes at least, as the film portrays in great detail the lengths and the efforts of preparations at each of the restaurants, one of which boasts a three-star Michelin rating. 

Wiseman, a Cambridge native, was recently interviewed by the Boston Globe on his creative process behind the film’s production. Shared Wiseman, “...I never shot much food before. But as in all my films, I’m very concerned about the composition. And the work in the kitchen—whether it was a frying pan on the stove, or water boiling, or crayfish going into boiling water—lent itself to closeup.”

Menus-Plaisirs—Les Troisgros opens February 9 at Coolidge Corner Theater.
333 Winter Street Weston, MA 02493
P: 781.235.9300 F: 781.239.3614