The Wellness Team provides both proactive and reactive school-based support for students and families in the social and emotional development realms.

Wellness educational programming at The Rivers School is comprised of school-wide, division, and grade level initiatives to promote effective decision-making and help students develop effective self-care skills.

Direct counseling services at The Rivers School are confidential and can take the form of short term or ongoing support. With student and parent approval, counselors can communicate with faculty members, community partners, and outside service providers. This important work often takes the form of skills development to empower students as they navigate normal and expectable challenges that arise through adolescence. Through counseling, students develop an understanding of the world as they reflect on their values, actions, and who they want to be. With new knowledge and skills, students become better equipped to set goals and navigate challenges they face.

At The Rivers School, we make sure that wellness education and counseling complement and complete each other, and we work to collaborate with the student advisory system, the school nurse and athletic trainers, and the Dean’s Office. The Counseling and Wellness Department’s work is a direct expression of the school’s culture of care, compassion, and respect for each student’s humanity.

Meet the Wellness Team

List of 6 members.

  • Photo of Sarah Knortz

    Sarah Knortz 

  • Photo of John Bower

    John Bower 

    Head of Middle School, Theater Arts Teacher
  • Photo of James Long

    James Long 

    Assistant Head of School, Head of the Upper School
  • Photo of Myron Mentis

    Myron Mentis 

    Athletic Trainer, Science
  • Photo of William Mills

    William Mills 

    Upper School Dean of Students, History
  • Photo of Claudia Silva

    Claudia Silva 

    School Nurse
The Wellness team collaborates on an as-needed basis to discuss support for students. The purpose of these meetings is to collaborate on situations when students are managing challenges across various realms of their experience at The Rivers School, which may include academic, extracurricular, physical health, and social/emotional health components.