The Rivers School’s multi-year partnership with McLean Hospital’s School Consultation Service (SCS), made possible by the vision and generosity of the Bartlett family, benefits our community at every level. This partnership allows us to offer professional development for faculty and staff throughout the year, wellness skill-building workshops for our students, and a series of parent-education sessions. Together, McLean and Rivers are committed to eliminating mental-health stigma and obstacles to effective mental-health care—obstacles that can and do prevent students from equitably accessing the full Rivers experience.

Community Programming
Throughout the academic year, the Rivers community has the opportunity to participate in several programming sessions with McLean experts to discuss current mental-health challenges and how to manage normative stressors when they arise. Upper School and Middle School students have their own sessions, designed to address factors that affect their specific age groups. There are also faculty and staff sessions, geared toward recognizing when students are facing challenging situations and understanding how to help them overcome these difficulties in a healthy and safe manner. In addition to addressing the current state of mental health, McLean also provides a toolkit of resources for teachers, parents, and students addressing how to deal with stress and when to seek help.

Workshops for Parents
The calendar to the right lists the schedule of upcoming workshops for parents. The registration links for these sessions can be found in the Counseling and Wellness module on the Parent Portal in RiversNet.