PAGE UPDATED: 4/29/2022

We will be using this page to keep our school community abreast of our current COVID policies and protocols. Given the rise of new COVID variants and the fluctuation in infection rates over time, these policies and protocols are subject to periodic changes. 

Following is a summary of some of the key protocols currently in place. These policies keep the school in alignment with the recommendations outlined by DESE and the Weston Board of Health. For a more complete description of our policies and protocols, please view the Rivers COVID Protocols Guidelines PDF, which also will be updated as needed.

If you experience any of the following outside of school, please contact school nurse Claudia Silva at
Testing Positive: All community members who test positive are required to self-isolate for a minimum of five days after symptom onset or after a positive PCR or antigen test, if asymptomatic.  Individuals may return to school on the sixth day if symptoms have improved and have been without fever for 24 hours.

Symptomatic Individuals: Any individual, regardless of vaccination status, who is experiencing  COVID-19 symptoms must stay home. Individuals may return to school with improving symptoms and a negative PCR or antigen test or receive an alternative medical diagnosis from your PCP. Antigen tests may be self-administered. Please be in touch with the school nurse regarding your testing plan. 

Close Contacts and Quarantine: Rivers is monitoring the changing guidelines around close contacts and will update our policies accordingly. In consultation with the Weston Local Board of Health, Rivers is allowed to follow the DESE guideline, which states that asymptomatic, fully vaccinated individuals who are close contacts are exempt from quarantine and testing. “Fully vaccinated” is currently defined by DESE as being “two weeks post the completion of the Pfizer or Moderna series or two weeks post a single dose of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine.” Those who are asymptomatic and not fully vaccinated can participate in the test-and-stay program. All close contacts are asked to monitor for symptoms for 10 days and are recommended to test on day five.  Should symptoms appear during this timeframe, students are asked to stay home and be tested. Please review the 2021-2022 COVID Protocols Guidelines for more information.

Please note that if you live with a person who is positive with COVID and cannot isolate from that person (meaning that you are continually exposed to a COVID-positive individual), you are subject to quarantine regardless of vaccination status. If you are able to quarantine from the positive case, you may defer to the DESE guideline for asymptomatic individuals based upon your vaccination status.

Testing: Rivers currently has a three-pronged testing approach that includes routine testing, symptomatic testing, and a “test and stay” program. All individuals who are not fully vaccinated are required to test on a weekly basis. For more details on our testing program, please review the 2021-2022 COVID Protocols Guidelines

Vaccine & Booster Information: Please update your vaccination/booster status via MAGNUS.

Vaccination Policy: In addition to strongly encouraging all eligible community members to get the COVID-19 vaccine, The Rivers School is mandating that all individuals 16 years old and older be vaccinated.

Masking: Effective May 2, 2022 Rivers has updated its mask-optional policy.  Masking will be optional in all spaces except for the nurse's office, the school counselor's office, and the tutoring department where masks are still required.  Please note that if the school nurse informs you that you need to wear a mask for COVID related reasons, it is expected that you will comply with that request in all spaces on campus.   
We always encourage anyone who feels more comfortable wearing a mask to do so, regardless of their vaccination status.

Visitors to Campus: Visitors are allowed on campus but must wear a mask when indoors.


School Nurse
Claudia Silva

Remote Learning

In anticipation of significant fluctuations in attendance, students who are absent from campus but well enough to learn remotely are expected to check in with their teachers and advisor to ensure continuity of learning.