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Conservatory Program

The Rivers School Conservatory Program is a unique and dynamic approach to college preparatory studies for students with a serious interest in and aptitude for music. The program provides student musicians with the faculty, classes, and performances needed to cultivate their musical artistry while at the same time encountering a rigorous and challenging academic experience. The Conservatory Program combines a tradition of academic excellence at The Rivers School with the outstanding music program at The Rivers School Conservatory. Students completing the Conservatory Program are as equally prepared to attend prestigious conservatories and music schools as they are to attend the most selective colleges and universities. Recent Conservatory Program graduates are attending Brown University, Columbia University, Harvard University, New England Conservatory of Music, New York University, Oberlin College, Princeton University, Tufts University and The Royal Academy of Music.

Student Scholar/Student Musician: The Conservatory Program immerses students into an environment that combines stimulating and powerful academic classes with intensive and passionate music training. By combining music and traditional academic studies into a single, multi-faceted curriculum, Rivers challenges Conservatory Program students to achieve academic and musical excellence. Honors and fifteen AP level courses are available in all academic departments: English, history, languages, mathematics, and science. Conservatory Program students join other student musicians in orchestra, chamber ensembles, Big Band, jazz combos, women’s chorus and men’s chorus. The high musical and academic expectations at Rivers create an environment in which students test themselves, question previously held ideas, collaborate with others to find solutions, and reach for new levels of personal accomplishment.


2018-19 Conservatory Program Brochure

Student Profiles

    • Sally Gorski_ Khachaturian - Concerto for Violin, I. Allegro con fer messa

Sample Music Videos

    • The Rivers School Chamber Orchestra - Dvorak_ Waltz, Op. 54