Through small classes and demanding courses, the program at Rivers provides a challenging academic curriculum at ever increasing levels of expectation.

In the Upper School, students must meet a minimum number of requirements in six disciplines as part of a comprehensive college preparatory program. Higher achieving students in the Upper School may avail themselves of numerous honors and AP level classes.

Significant time is set aside during the second semester for students and their families to meet with academic counselors to plan each student’s schedule for the following year. Co-curricular and athletic planning is also included in these discussions. Course selections reflect the various graduation requirements listed below. For some students, their program may include enrollment in honors and Advanced Placement courses. Students are invited to enter these courses based upon the following criteria: departmental recommendation, grades, and demonstrated enthusiasm for and talent in a particular subject area.

Minimum credit requirements

4.00 credits in English

3.00 credits in math, including Geometry and Algebra II

2.00 credits in history, including United States History and 1.00 credits (total) taken during grade 11 and 12

2.00 credits in science

2.00 credits in foreign language

2.00 credits in the arts

0.33 credits in a course cross-listed with Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS)