In response to the COVID-19 health crisis, The Rivers School has closed its campus to all activities until further notice and has implemented a remote-learning program for all students. 

The goal of our remote-learning program is to provide instructional continuity and ongoing learning for our students during our school closure. While it would be impossible for such a program to replicate a regular school day, we believe this program will provide some structure and normalcy for our students during this uncertain time. It could even provide us all with an exciting opportunity to think differently about school and learning.


Rivers Remote Extends to End of Year
In keeping with the mandate announced by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, The Rivers School will continue to conduct classes remotely through the end of the school year. The academic year will officially end on Friday, May 29.


The Rivers Campus, including The MacDowell Athletic Center, is closed to all student activities until further notice. We ask that students refrain from gathering on campus—or anywhere—-for informal activities such as captains’ practices.

Rivers Remote Classrooms Gallery

COVID-19 Information

Information about the COVID-19 virus and about the steps The Rivers School has taken to minimize its impact on our community can be found here. These actions include a list of canceled or postponed events and activities. The page also includes an archive of messages sent out to our community, and a list of health-related resources. The information on this page will be updated as needed as the circumstances of this health crisis evolve.