Our mission is to equip students to exert positive influence in public life.

What is civics in the 21st century?
Civics in the early 21st century is best defined broadly -- as the study of power in public life. This curriculum prepares civic actors, or citizens, to work and engage with others in America’s multicultural democracy. Although an understanding of the systems of government remains fundamental, political knowledge is just the beginning!

Why is civics central to education in the 21st century?
In the last fifteen years, civic studies have experienced a revival and reorientation in order to address the conditions created by the rise of social media, economic globalization and toxic political rhetoric on all sides. More young people than ever before in human history have the opportunity to influence one another and to participate in communities -- whether local, national, international and/or virtual. The need to re-assert and teach the values and skills of effective interaction and positive influence is urgent.

Meet The Director

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    Amy Enright Ph.D. 

    Director of The Center for Community and Civic Engagement, History
    Emory University - PhD
    Tufts University - BA


The Center for Community and Civic Engagement is centrally housed on campus in the MacDowell Library.

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