Finding Your Voice Around Race

The Rivers School has made an institutional commitment to stand against racism within and without our community. This long-standing commitment was strengthened and given new urgency by the tumultuous events around issues of racial injustice that rocked the nation during the spring of 2020. These events prompted the emergence of  a powerful “Black@Rivers” Instagram site as well as the creation of this petition signed by 526 alumni and current students.

In addition to looking critically at how we can apply a more powerful DEI lens to our programs and processes, Rivers has committed to making race a focal point of DEI efforts this year and to holding an ongoing conversation about race across our community. This year, these school-wide conversations will take place over the course of four sessions. We begin these conversations in racial affinity spaces, as they provide safe spaces for people to get comfortable having conversations about race and to reflect on their own personal identities. These conversations will then evolve into more community-wide discussions that focus on issues about systemic racism and, ultimately, about opportunities for creating change.

Racism and Privilege: A Student Perspective

In response to the protests that erupted across the country in the spring of 2020, Rivers students came together to create this thoughtful video about the insidious effects of racism and white privilege.

Anti-Racism Resources