Welcome from the Head of School

Welcome to the official Start of School website for the 2021-2022 school year! This is where we will be posting information related to the start of school. This information includes important dates and a growing list of links to other important documents such as the course catalog, schedules, reading lists, orientation information, the student handbook, and much more. Please check back frequently over the course of the summer to keep abreast of new posts. The new school year promises to be an exciting one, with newly renovated classrooms to enjoy in the Middle School and a much-relaxed set of COVID protocols. I can’t wait!

Enjoy the summer. I look forward to seeing you in the fall! 

Ned Parsons
Head of School

Updates on COVID Guidelines

This space will be used to provide updated information regarding the school’s COVID protocols.

It is our expectation that, come September, the school will operate in a normal fashion, without a remote-learning option and without any masking or social distancing requirements for anyone who has been vaccinated. We are still in the process of assessing what health and safety guidelines ought to be adopted for unvaccinated members of our community. As the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) continues to collaborate with the Department of Public Health, it may issue additional guidelines over the summer that could impact our own protocols. All changes and updates to our COVID protocols will be posted in this space.

Summer Operation:
During the summer when school is not in session, adults and students who are vaccinated will not be required to mask or social distance either indoors or outdoors. Anyone who is not vaccinated is advised to wear a mask for their own protection.

Important Middle School Dates

• Wednesday, September 1
6th and 7th Grade Orientations

Thursday, September 2
8th Grade Leadership Orientation

Thursday, September 9
First Day of School

Thursday, September 9 - Friday, September 10
Middle School Leadership Lab

Academic Calendar Reminder

Please note that we will be adopting a new academic calendar this year that moves the start of each school day back to 8:30 a.m. each morning. Also, the Upper School will be moving from a trimester schedule to a schedule based on semesters.

Important Upper School Dates

• Saturday, August 28 - Tuesday, August 31
Student Advisors at Windsor Mountain

• Monday, August 30 - Wednesday, September 1

9th Grade Windsor Mountain Orientation

• Tuesday August 31
Upper School Leadership Retreat
Senior College Workshop

• Wednesday, September 1 - Thursday, September 2
10th and 11th Grade Overnight Orientations
12th Grade Whitewater Rafting Orientation

• Friday, September 3 - Saturday, September 4
Varsity Pre-Season
• Thursday, September 9
First Day of School