Rivers students prepare themselves for the world beyond by immersing themselves in our comprehensive program. That’s why you’ll find that Rivers students are more than scholars; they are athletes, artists, musicians, leaders, newspaper reporters, actors, and poets. And more than a few students are all of those things.

Through our integrated program that asks all students to participate in both the arts and athletics at some level during their time here, students often come to discover a passion for something they never knew they had. Whether it is the ceramicist who discovers a love of running cross country or the football quarterback who develops an interest in drama, there are innumerable examples of students who have honed some preexisting skill or discovered a newfound passion here.

Students can also be involved in a wide array of clubs, including Model UN, Gay-Straight Alliance, Diversity Club and Community Service Council. The school also has three student-run publications: The Rivers Edge, a national award-winning newspaper; The Current, the literary magazine; and The Nonesuch, the yearbook. And, thanks to student initiative, new clubs, events, and organizations continue to appear each year. In 2002, two students started the highly successful evening coffee houses, which feature poetry and fiction readings as well as musical performances.

At Rivers we have found that a program that requires students to stretch themselves in new areas and is taught by teachers whose knowledge and creativity are commensurate with their passion and caring creates a safe and exciting atmosphere for all forms of discovery.