Upper School

Rivers challenges students to attain their highest possible level of academic achievement. The school sets high standards and expects students to participate actively in their learning. Whether in our innovative, multi-disciplinary Middle School program or the more traditional college-preparatory program of the Upper School, the faculty cultivates a rigorous and collaborative environment that encourages student performance and demonstration of logical thought, informed and articulate voice, creative vision, and character growth. We believe strongly that the role of our faculty is not merely to show students the solution, but to help them discover it for themselves. Our teachers work closely with students – in the classroom and beyond – toward the ultimate goal of both finding the answers and truly understanding them.
The Rivers Upper School offers a diverse and challenging curriculum in an ideal academic setting. The challenge comes from a rigorous academic program that includes extensive honors and AP courses, as well as an eclectic array of electives. At the same time, our Upper School classrooms reflect a strong balance between individual achievement and collaborative learning. Rivers teachers lead students in their learning by demanding high levels of thinking and analysis.

Education in the Upper School emphasizes the importance of developing students who can think critically and analytically, write logically and incisively, and speak articulately and convincingly. The curriculum includes traditional academics, along with the infusion of arts and athletic requirements. As students move through the program, a diverse offering of electives becomes available, allowing students to create an academic schedule that best reflects their interests, expertise, and passions.
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