Advisor System

Middle School Advisor System
Middle School teachers value the partnership between home and school. Every sixth, seventh and eighth grader is assigned an advisor who will serve as a mentor and friend throughout their Middle School experience. Each multi-grade advisor group consists of one advisor and approximately eight students. Daily contact between advisors and advisees promotes trust and friendship. Agendas and activities within meeting times vary but include goal setting, portfolio organization, check-ins, thought-provoking conversations about world and community events, and other group-building initiatives.

Upper School Advisor System
Every Upper School student is assigned an advisor at the beginning of his or her freshman and junior year, and stays with that advisor for two years. The student-to-advisor ratio in the Upper School is 6 to 1. Advisors meet twice a week with their groups. Students in the ninth and tenth grades meet in single-gender advisory groups, while students in grades 11 and 12 meet in coed groups. Advisors also serve as a vital resource for parents. Each year, at the midpoint in February, parents have a comprehensive one-on-one meeting with their child’s advisor. The advisor system is yet another way Rivers ensures that each student forms meaningful and longlasting connections with the adults on campus.
Advisor System in the News
Rivers' Advisor Program Adds “Relationships” to the Three R’s
At many independent day schools, advisor programs are viewed almost as an after-thought: faculty advisors meet sporadically with students, and often only at fixed times of the year, or for a specific purpose like grade review.
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